Video and Puppymills

Before anyone start yelling I am discriminating against mix breed dogs you
wrong !

I am one of the ppl that speaks out against breeding mixes.

Now I love Mix breeds, I have owned more mixes than I have Pure breds.

But every dog I have ever had has come either from a pound, a shelter, or I have
rescued it.

I had a Golden/poodle mix before they were given a fancy name and sold for
thousands of $, I owned a runt Aussie shepherd before they called it a mini
aussie and again sold it for $.

I am NOT against mix breeds I love them, but I am against the unethical breeders
that produce mixes, give them a fancy name and sell them for a high price, they
have no morals or ethics.

When someone comes here and says “I have a labradoodle” I will correct them and
tell them they have a mutt, not because I dislike mixes, but because it is ppl
like that  perpetuate the over population of pets, by encouraging morons
to breed mixes.

For every cute puppy sold in a pet shop, in addition to the price tag there is a
hidden price> It is a life time of suffering in a small cramped cage for the
parents of the puppy plus 20 to a 1000 other puppymill dogs.

I don’t care what the pet shop tells you… the puppies they sell are from
puppymills, the “from Local Breeders” tag they use is BS, the got a job lot from
the local puppymill and put a high price tag on it.

Half the time the papers given to you have been altered, the vaccinations have
not been done, and your dog will have worms, health issues, and genetic

You want a puppy go to the local pound or rescue.

In 2005: 1000 rescues and shelters submitted figures to a survey… 1000
shelters/recues handled 4.3 MILLION animals 2.6 MILION of those animals were
killed either by injection or in the gas chamber because there were no homes for



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