While the big Rescues spend excessive amounts

of donations on salaries, dinners and expenses, the small private rescues struggle to make ends meet.

With a small rescue

Never is their bottom line in the black,

Never are they in credit at the vet,

Never do donations roll in everyday.

Most private small rescues are run by a dedicated few, who deprive themselves in order to help the animals they are dedicated  too.

Mounting food bills, vet bills, housing upkeep, office supplies take their toll.

Most small rescues can  not even afford the $2000 it takes to get the 501c3 status, a rescue without 501c3 status get very few who are willing to  donate to because the general public don’t understand that just about anyone can apply and recieve 501c3 status as long as they have the $$$ to pay for it.

Backyard breeders and puppymillers  can apply for 501 status  and will get it, this  is a  fact.


Because  an agency has 501c3 status, it does not make them a legitimate rescue.

If you are thinking about  donating part of your tax refund  to an animal agency take a look at the little  guys, you won’t get the tax breaks next year but  you will have the satisfaction of knowing  EVERY PENNY of your donation was spent on what  it was meant for. (the animals)

Some rescues well worth taking a look at are:











2 thoughts on “While the big Rescues spend excessive amounts

  1. We have just launched a fundraising project for animal rescue groups. We do web site design and other graphic projects for small businesses and organizations that agree to make a donation directly to a rescue group. All proceeds go directly to animal rescue. We take no payment for our work – we are volunteers. We started this project because we don’t have much money to give to animal rescue, but we do have time – we’re retired.
    Our designs are affordable because there are no salaries and no overhead involved. So the “customer” gets a bargain and gets to help animals at the same time.
    Check out our web site: http://www.faithnhope.org
    If you like the idea, help us spread the word about our fundraising project.

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