Rainy Days And Sundays …

Now we are having rain rain and more rain.

The cats are all lounging on the beds and the dogs won’t go out to pee if they can help it, because they believe they will melt if  they get their feet wet. Menawhile I have to stand out in the rain, and encourage them to come off the deck. It never cease to amaze me how fast they can finish when it’s raining. Sheesh.

Nothing  much happening really, all the usual stuff, get up make coffee, scoop litter boxes, feed cats and  dogs, take dogs for walk, come  back in  soaked to the skin,  get a nice hot shower, cook human breakfast, finally have coffee.  Play  on the  puter for a few minutes, then start over. Fully empty and clean  the litter boxes, hoover, wash the floors, take the dogs  out, brush the cats,  feed the dogs again, work on some fundraising stuff, try and find a really cheap  decent digital  cam  for pic of the rescues, list some stuff on  ebay, cook human dinner, then finally settle down to watch amazing race.

One thing I love about being  surrounded by animals  is  life never gets  boring lol.


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