Got to love the insanity of it all.


So you want a puppy….. great  lots of them in the pound, shelter, local rescue etc right? Ah  ok, you don’t just want ANY puppy you want a labradoodle, or a peekapoo, or a porkie or or or any of the other designer breeds.So lets find a BREEDER for these RARE critters,  I know Mrs J  down the road, her dog just gave birth to a litter of labradoddles in a pen in the yard, in the makeshift cardboard box, and these cuties  must be at least  4 weeks old  by  now, so with a bit  of luck  she will let you take one home today

Well we get to Mrs J  and  she tells us  she only  has one puppy left because they are selling like hot cakes, as these dogs are very rare first generation pups, now as  she is only has the one left and it’s runty, she  is willing to part with it for $2000, instead of the usual $2500, but it has to be today, and she is only willing to do it because your such a nice person. So the deal is done, you pay your $ and home you go with your pup, when you get  home you notice the pup  is quiet, then it starts to throw up, then it won’t eat, hmmm maybe time to go see the vet huh.

$500 later  the vet tells you your Rare 1st generation labradoodle just is’nt going to make it  and the best thing you can do is to end the suffering fast through tears of anguish about your poor pup you agree, and thus a life ends.

 Labradoodle puppy (Rare 1st Generation) $2000

Pet  Food, Bed, Toys, Bones etc                 $250

Vet Bill                                                          $527.29

Reality Check                                            PRICELESS

Next time you want a dog go to the pound  they have cross bred mutts too, and they will be in better shape than MRS J’s RARE 1st Generation MUTTS,  you may even be saving a life instead of compounding the deaths  of hundreds.


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