Pets and their food, are we helping…

When the pet food recall first started I decided to switch my dogs over to home cooked food.
I am happy to say 4 weeks on I am thrilled at the results.
 Both my dogs are elders, Roth is a rescued German Shothaired Pointer that weighs in at 91lbs, he is 13 in May, and suffers from laryngeal paralysis, he eats from a raised food bowl, drinks lots of chilled water and is on benydril once a day.
Bear is a lab/ Border collie mix who is also 13, last year she was diagnosed with
Canine Cushing’s Disease and is on 30mg mg of Selegiline per day, she is also very arthritic and gets Cosiquin daily.
Since going onto the Home Cooked food both dogs have improved vastly.
We have seen a benefit in : …
Smaller Poops
The dogs smell better
 The coats are shiny
They have more energy, yet they are more content.
They are shedding less.
They are moving easier
And they are not mooching food in between meals.

When I was younger it was the done thing to feed the animals table scraps, raw bones, the occasional raw meats and lights ( offal ie. lungs/ intestines etc) green tripe was a favorite. All of my dogs lived well into their teens and were full of life until their bodies finally just gave in to old age. Only when the habits changed and we started feeding manufactured foods did we suffer from our pets dying younger and them being affected by cancers and other problems.
1958- 1965 diet as described above, GSD lived to be 17, and 2 cocker spaniels lived to be 16.
1966- 1987 diet of canned food medium sized Mix breed lived to be lived to be 14 and developed cancer. Poodle mix developed diabetes; heart murmur and eye problems lived to be 14.
1988 – 2007 Lab, died at 12 after a life time on kibble, from cancer, small mix, developed epilepsy died at 8 fed kibble, JRT died at 10 from kidney failure, kibble diet. Roth and Bear are still youngish at 13 and both it is doubted will see out this year.
So from my own experience I find myself asking was table scraps, raw bones and offal meats really such a bad diet?
Try home cooking for your pets and watch the changes.


One thought on “Pets and their food, are we helping…

  1. hello, I have been doing some reading on home cooking for my dogs. Reason being my 11 month morkie is a fussy eater and I really feel he would be happier on people food. Would like to know what your recipe is. Thanks

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