Cooking for pets the tricks I use…

A lot of ppl balk at the idea of feeding  their pets raw food. Somehow we have the idea that the big bad wolf roasted the little pigs before he ate them so with that in mind here is what I do when preparing food for my critters.

large  pot  filled with water, bring it  to the boil, when you see it boiling drop the meat of your choice in the pot, cover with a lid  and leave for 10 mins, with fish you need to only leave if  for about 3- 5 mins. Remove the meat from the pan  and put it in a storage container to cool.

Drop prepared veggies into the still boiling  water, and leave them for another 10 mins,   remove the veggies and  allow them to cool, once cooled you can either  just mix em in  with the meat or you can puree them  then add them to  the  meat.

If you are cooking rice, barley, or raw oats with the meal  add  a cup  to the remaining boiling water  and allow it  to cook until it is just on the hard side of  fully cooked… about 20 mins.

Drain the liquid  from the grain into a measuring jug and allow it  to cool. Once  cooled place it in a bottle and save.

 you can add the juice to each meal as you wish.

Add the grain to the rice and veggies and mix well.

There you have  a  dogs/cats dinner 🙂


3 thoughts on “Cooking for pets the tricks I use…

  1. Thanks for all the great information. I can’t believe how much disinformation is out there about pet nutrition. There’s so much artificial flavoring and chemicals in our packaged pet foods. I think it’s interesting that we aren’t even feeding our pets the foods they were born to eat. The diet of the average American pet is no where close to what these animals eat in the wild. I recently wrote a post about all-natural cat and dog food. I thought you pet lovers out their might be interested. Most generic pet foods on the market are primarily carbohydrates but cats and dogs are carnivores. You can read more at:

  2. I have finally found some good ideas about homemade dog chow…Since the recall came out I have been trying to feed my dogs, with my idea, of what they should be eating and your site has given me many good ideas. and not hard at all to say the least…My pups are my family and I want them to be with me a long time..What I have been reading on the net about the contents of commercial dog food has been horendous…tytytytyty

  3. Glad we could help, feel free to spread the word, to many of our much loved pets are dying because of this, we need to protect them and insure we do the best we can for them.
    By publishing our ideas we hope to help in some small way.

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