Rough Guide To Feeding Home Cooked To Pets.

Lots of questions so I will try and be methodical for once and answer  the do’s and don’t.

  • Domestic Pets require on average 2% – 3% of there total body weight in food per day  (a dog weighing 50lbs requires 1.5lbs of food per day, a cat weighing 12lbs requires  about 2 oz-3oz per day.) Divided into 2 or 3 meals a  day.
  • Dogs require at least 50% meat in their diet.
  • Cats NEED at least 75% meat  if not more.

                  ( This includes muscle meat AND organ meat)

  • Veggies need to either be boiled and mashed or puree’d.
  • They need daily calcium, Taurine, and omega oils added.
  • You can throw together a meal in about 30 mins.
  •  If you free feed kibble,  then switch to  home cooked or  raw  diet you will  find your animals  are  totally satisfied with 2 or 3 meals  a day instead.
  • Bones … in the 48 years I have had animals they have always had raw bones, Never once have I had an animal  have a problem. I am not saying that sometimes problems don’t happen because they do. However ppl take one bad occurence and run with it. Often times ppl will  tell you “don’t feed  bones because they will cause A B C.” Truth is if you are really unlucky it MAY cause A B or C. It is like saying do not let your pet go up and downstairs because it will fall and break a leg.  It could  happen  but rarely does. The only warning I would give regarding bones is  DO NOT FEED COOKED BONES. ( cooking makes the bones brittle and the can splinter.)
  •   Muscle Meats to feed :  Ground Beef, Deer, Lamb, Mutton, Turkey, Chicken, Rabbit, Buffelo, Ostrich, Fish.
  • Organ Meats: Heart, Kidney, Liver, Intestines.
  • Other  sources: Eggs, Apples, Bananas, Oranges. Grated Cheese.
  •  My favorite additions to meat and veggies:  Canola Oil with vitamin E, Cottage Cheese, Plain Yogurt, vitamin C, Taurine, Cod Liver Oil, Crushed egg shells, and Oyster calcium.
  • List  of  fruits and Veggies :      Asparagus: Beets : Broccoli: Brussels Sprouts:  Cabbage: Carrots: Cauliflower : Celery :Dandelion Leaves : Kolrabi: Kale : Okra :Parsley: Parsnips : Peas :Pumpkin : Rutabagas:Squash : Sweet potatoes :Swiss chard :Turnips :zucchini apple: Avocado: Bananas: Blackberry: Blueberry: Cherries: (STONE REMOVED) Kiwis: Melons: Papaya: Peaches:

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