A word about Raw diet.

People have different ideas about the raw diet, i suggest that if you become confused with raw diet  go  to home cooked  diet, Do Not  to go back to commercial foods.

Start with the Meats – a range of different raw meaty bones, my preference is  whole items, such as chicken, quail, fish, eggs. For the most of raw feeders – chicken is the base of the majority of their dogs meals. However,  use what is available  – raw meaty – lamb, beef, venison, duck, rabbit, kangaroo, raw whole fish, turkey. 
Try to avoid beef that was raised in feedlots, organic and natural is best.

 Dogs do not have the digestive systemthat is built to cope with grains. They are one of the biggest sources of allergies in dogs. Grains are the most used ingredient in the majority of dog food in manufactured foods. Many people find when they switch to an all natural diet, the allergies go away.

Not only is feeding raw cheaper to feed  but you wil save by not having all those vet visits . Unfortunately most vets receive NO education at university on dog diet other than what the commercial dog food company reps tell them! Ever wondered  why all these vets  sell Hill’s rx  etc?

There are also a lot of sites which are  written by vets who have received all their education from pet food company sales reps, which state how bad a raw diet is.
 A raw diet provides a range of benefits that commercial dog diets can never  match.
These benefits include:

  • no dog odour
    naturally clean teeth – no need for toothbrushes, de-scaling jobs, and no gum disease.
    the time it takes for a dog to chew a raw meaty bones give their stomach adequate time to kick start the stomach acids,
    much less/smaller stools, they are firm, and turn chalky after a couple of days
    your dogs are healthier, so fewer vet bills.
    less cost for dog food,
    Raw is what a dog would be getting in the wild even the modern dog has the same digestive tract as a wolf.
    puppies develop at a better rate, growth spurts are avoided.
     ripping and chewing  motion involved in eating raw meaty bones develops the jaw, neck, and shoulder muscles. 
  •  People who have switched their dogs to a raw diet from commercial dog foods have found the following:
    dogs who were previously un-energetic, become active yet content
    allergies disappear once they start with the raw diet
    arthritis has significantly reduced in some dogs switched to raw
    dogs  stay lean and healthy looking, have a better weight balance.
    their dogs are living longer on a raw diet than what their dogs previously fed commercial dog foods.
  • There are many of problems with commercial dog foods.
    dog foods have as their main ingredient cereals – the main ingredient your dog should be eating is raw meaty bones. It is these very cereals that cause problems such as allergies.
    commercial dog foods are laden with preservatives, colors (dyes), and salt.
    the vast majority of commercial dog foods have far too much carbohydrates in them.

I recommend feeding raw because I want your dogs to be getting the best diet.

Chicken Bones : This is the biggest myth of all time! Raw chicken bones are great for your dog. They are soft enough that they bend easily, and break well for the dog to digest.
(Cooked chicken bones or for that matter  ANY cooked bones can be a problem.)

People worry about their dog choking on bones. Such incidents are very rare, feeding of bigger portions of meaty bones, or  whole carcasses, such as whole chickens or rabbits is better.

Feeding your dog is risk management. What ever way you choose to take there is  risk. Someone  will  always criticise your choice. Only you can decide what is best for your dogs. Do your research. Do what will work for your dog.
You should supervise all meal times.
Monitor meal times, be sure to watch out for the dogs that inhale food, this can be overcome  by hand feeding.
In a few cases, where the dog/cat has a medical condition, ground bones are necessary.
However, in over 99% of cases, dogs and cats should be fed whole meaty bones/carcasses. Ground bones are a poor substitute to whole bones.

What to feed:
raw meaty bones and/or whole carcasses – chicken, lamb, whole raw fish, beef, rabbit
whole raw eggs in their shells
organ meat, eel, prawns, squid, ox tail, lamb’s necks. ostrich carcasses, deer.
Can I feed puppies on raw food?  YES news is that unlike the commercial dog foods, raw food is fed the same regardless of age.


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