Disposable Society

We  all accept we live in a disposable society.
Bic razors, ball point pens, plastic bags and ring pull cans, all very useful.

 In recent years we have advanced even further, disposable printers, computers, TV’s, we can even trade in our old cars for new ones.

 Sadly it also seems that a lot of society have adopted this attitude to life as well, your friends disagree with you so you dump em and get new ones, you don’t like your job…. dump it and get a new one, your cat reaches 10 years old and starts to have health issues, dump it and get a new one… oh I’m sorry, you said you can’t give it the time you used to, that makes sense, I mean you have had it for ten years, just like that 10 year old car, it requires a bit more care, that makes sense, you’d trade the car in, why not the cat.

 Then of course you have the untrained dog in the yard, you know, the one you tell everyone about, well heck, it got out the other night and bit the neighbors dog, hmmmm, this could cost you some money to fix, awwww heck, just dump it and get a new one, if you play your cards right, you can save a life in the process, and if your really lucky the dog may even come with some extras, like training, what a deal, you didn’t get that with the last one. The problem is the old one you want to trash, what are you going to do with it?

 Well lets look at the options, take it to the vet and put it to sleep hmmmm … nah can’t do that, first it would cost money, and second it would take courage, one you can’t afford, the other you haven’t got.

Ok so that option is not open. I know, take it to the pound, hmmmm, nah can’t do that, that’s where your going to get the new one, it may give them the wrong idea, darn they may even think you a lousy dog owner and not let you have a new one, what’s worse is, they may put the old one to sleep and YOU can’t bare to think about that, after all you love this dog, you fed it, you got it’s shots, you even let it live in your yard…. nope that’s not going to work.

 Now what? hmmm, let me think for a second, I got it, take the collar off, and go for a drive in the country, dump the dog in a nice rural area and go home, someone is bound to pick it up, and who could not love this dog? (You do, otherwise you wouldn’t be going to all this trouble.) The one that has no manners and has no training, and has lived out in a back yard all of it’s life. Yep that is definitively the answer, because even if the worst come to the worst, and the dog turns nasty or becomes a lost cause, you won’t have to face your failure or your responsibilities, the person that picks the dogs up will do that.

Yep, that’s the answer, hey you may even get a new dog that matches the new car, wouldn’t that be a big bonus.

 After all, everyone accepts that we live in a disposable society


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