What to do ? …

There are going to be ppl that disagree with this post I have no doubt, so before I go any further, I want to make very clear that I advocate feeding the best possible food you can afford to your animals. Be it Raw Diet, Home Cooked Diet (both of which are my preference) or High quality Kibble and canned. (Given the recent recalls I would suggest you avoid the latter like the plague.)

So what do you do if you don’t have time to prepare food and you can’t trust the high quality foods, or you can’t afford them?
 Your choices are  …
· Feed table scraps
· Look at the foods still available.
Or, and here is where folks start screaming…. Take a step down and look at the lower quality foods that have not been affected.

Recently I was contacted by and elderly woman who could not afford or deal with going the raw/home made route, nor could she afford the higher end foods that had not been affected, she had been feeding Chicken soup wet and dry, she wanted to know what to do, after many ideas where discussed this became the plan.

Friskies (yes I know how bad it is) has not been affected by the recall, so the plan was devised that until such time as the pet food industry gets it’s act together, she will feed Friskies wet and dry. Not ideal by any stretch of the imagination, but the fact is it is adequate to get through the crisis. Once this mess is cleared up she will go back to CS.

Now under normal circumstances I would advise anyone to run away from such foods, but at the present time it is an alternative, all bit it a poor one.

I am sharing this as I know Ppl are struggling, I am not recommending it as a solution.


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