Do’s & Don’ts Of Homemade Pet Food.

This is my personal do and don’t list, I am sure there are ppl out there that will disagree, but this is what works for me. For someone starting out home preparing pet food it is a decent guide.

· When home cooking your pets food make sure there is 50-75% meat in the meal.
· Always puree the veggies, animals digestive systems take longer to digest veggies than they do meat, this can lead to poor digestion, by pureeing the veggies you give their systems a head start.
· Make sure the meals are balanced and include a source of calcium, taurine and omega oils.
· If you feed fish either feed it raw and whole, or feed only de-boned cooked fillets or canned.
· Whole Raw eggs are good, feed them shell and all.
· If you feed bones always feed ONLY RAW bones and ALWAYS supervise your pets, when the bone gets small take it away.
· Feed a total of approx 2-3% of you pets ideal body weight per day, some pets require a little more or less, find a balance.
· Remember dogs need at least 50% meat in their diet, cats need at least 75%
· Divide the total daily intake into 2 or 3 meals a day to avoid bloat
· If you use grains, make these less than 1/4 of the diet.
· Use PLAIN UNSWEETEND yogurt, cottage cheese, and  cheese as part of the mix.
· 1 glove of garlic added to a 2 day batch of  food will not harm your dog,  I do not feed garlic to cats.


· I do not feed Pork, salmon or trout. Personal choice, but it can be a little risky therefore I avoid it.(read the post about  Salmon Poisoning.)
· NEVER FEED COOKED BONES it’s asking for trouble.
· NEVER leave a pet unsupervised with a bone
· If you cook the foods do not cook out the goodness, meats should be cooked till just   brown on the outside, veggies should be cooked for no more than 3-5 mins.
· NEVER feed onions, grapes, and raisins.
· When feeding RAW do not mix the meats, have a beef day, a chicken day, a turkey day etc.
· If feeding fish do not cut it up, feed it whole.

Then stand back  and watch the  enjoyment your pets are finally getting from their food.


3 thoughts on “Do’s & Don’ts Of Homemade Pet Food.

  1. Hi there, I totally agree with this article. You MUST know what you are doing if you are going to cook for your pets. I run my own business, Pampered Pets out of Katy, Texas. I had to learn how to cook for my dog out of pure necessity due to his severe allergies to wheat, soy, corn and glutens. It took me years of development with a team of vets in order to get my recipes and formulas correct. Now, I teach cooking classes and have a meal catering program for my clients.

    IT IS SOOOO IMPORTANT to really investigate this topic if you are considering going this route with your pets diet. This is not for the faint of heart. But, once learned, can make HUGE differences in your pets health and condition.

    Thanks for the great info in this article. It is nice to see someone who is actually educated about this.

    If you are interested in finding out more about what I do, please feel free to check out my site as well.


    Miss Colleen
    Pampered Pets Professional Services
    Katy, TX

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