Glenda wrote

“hello, I have been doing some reading on home cooking for my dogs. Reason being my 11 month morkie is a fussy eater and I really feel he would be happier on people food. Would like to know what your recipe is. Thanks”

I am replying here because I have recieved similar emails… hope you find this  helpful.

What your dog enjoys eating will dictate what you feed.

For a Yorkie Maltese mix most items will need to be chopped small unless you intend to feed raw.

Remember, no matter what you do 50 -75% of each meal should consist of meat. Also do not over cook the food, feed at least 3% you your dogs ideal body weight divided into  2 or 3 meals a day. (this means if you dog should weigh 10lbs you should feed at least 3oz per day, this is not a fail safe perscription, some animals require more some less, you as the owner have to find the balance)

This is what I would feed a small dog……….

Raws is  simple, chicken leg,wings,backs, ground beef, shin beef,  lamb ribs etc, a raw egg 2x per week(blended to break up the shell) chicken livers and gizzards including heart (for Turine) whole small fish, and  some of the home made treats I have listed.

Cooking is a little more  complex, but this  is  what I would do……

Boil a pan of water. Take a pack of chicken gizzard including hearts and livers, and put them in the water  for about  5 mins, and remove them, chop some celery, cabbage, green beans, and cauliflour and boil for about 5 mins.

Drain  the veggies, place everything in a blender, and grind down until everything is the consistancy of ground beef, store what you don’t  use in an air tight  container  in the freezer and defrost as required.

Blend a whole raw egg (small) and divide it between the days meals (only do this 2 days a week), top each portion with a teaspoon of cottage cheese and half a teaspoon of Canola oil with vitamin E.

Alternate the types of meat weekly… Chicken, Fish, Beef, Lamb, Turkey, Deer etc.

As I said this is what I  would  do  and have done when  I have cared for smaller dogs, I also give them small uncooked lamb and beef  bones daily to chew on  (supervised of course) this keeps the teeth and  gums healthy.

Hope this helps.


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