What an OFFAL day …..

Yes today was an  offal  day….

Raw  offal meal for all.

The ingredients used were as  follows

(All Human Grade Meat)

Tripas (Tripas, also known as Machitos,  are small intestines of farm animals that have been cleaned)tripas.jpg

Chicken Gizzards, Hearts etc gizz.jpg

Liver (Beef) liver.jpg

And  to  top it  off Ground Beef ground-beef.jpg

Simple  cut the tripas into  bite size lengths  and  serve.

You can also cook these meats, and add veggies and canola oil with  vitamin E.

As  you can see  some  of the guys  know  whats  on the menu waiting.jpg  once they have their fill  they like to display full  belly’s belly-full.jpg then spend the rest of the day sleeping it off.  sleeping-it-off.jpg   sleeping2.jpg


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