M Vick poor example…

 Vick has been indicted on a felony. The details of the indictment against Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick that were released Wednesday.
 The details of the indictment were shocking to some. Sad to say they  did not shock me, the made me feel ill, but I was not shocked, it was just details of another low life abusing an animal for gain.

Many times I have found myself asking how can a human being inflict such cruelty on such a large scale and actually live with it? how  can anyone take pleasure in watching something like that and not have nightmares? how can someone stick bare wires on another living creature, turn on the current, and watch that being die  a slow painful death? (yes  I always thought the gas chamber and the electric chair were barbaric too)

What Vick did is nothing new, it happens everyday on street corners, in empty houses and in buildings in our areas, because it is not in plain sight, we ignore it, we don’t watch for it, we walk away “ OH I knew there was something going on but I didn’t want to interfere”  how many times has that been said.

The fact is ppl who fight dogs  are the scum of the earth, lowlife, ignorant cowards that don’t have the gonads to get in the ring themselves. Wannbe  macho hardmen, who think that cruelty is sport.  I say they are  an ignorant, stupid, waste of oxygen, these are the breed that should be banned, not the animals that they abuse.

I guess at the end of the day you can take the man out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the man.

I hope, once convicted, Vick will be  black balled and never a allowed to step on the playing field again, I hope he loses everything, he set himself up to be a good example to our children, he failed the task and chose to be a bad example instead, send a message to him and his like.. “YOU WILL NOT TEACH MY CHILDREN TO BE CRIMINALS.”

As  for him saying  sorry   ….  Not  going to  cut it this time.

Here are some  details and suggestions of  what you can do to show your disgust.


The documents alledge that before fights, dogs would be weighed and bathed to remove any poison or substance that may have been placed on the dog. Sometimes dogs were starved to make them hungry for the opposing dog. Fights ended when one dog died, or when a dog gave up. According to documents, losing dogs were sometimes put to death by drowning, strangulation, hanging, gunshot, electrocution, or body slamming them to the ground.”
The response to the situation by the Falcons was, in my opinion, grossly inappropriate. Their concern remains with the “best interests” of the team rather than the community of fans they serve. The NFL has the ability to suspend Vick under the NFL’s personal conduct policy. You can contact the NFL at 212-450-2000 to let your voice be heard. The phones have already been rolled over to voice message, but it is important that the NFL understands that Vick’s behavior will not be tolerated by the public and that not addressing the concerns of millions of dog owners will affect the bottom line of the Falcons, the NFL, and of each and every company that advertises with the NFL or uses Vick for endorsements. Some of the email addresses and phones numbers and contact information for these organizations are:
Roger Goodell’s info. (NFL commissioner):
email address: Roger.Goodell2@nfl.net
telephone #: (212)450-2027

The communications director (Reggie Roberts) for the Falcons telephone number is 1-800-241-3489.
The owner is Arthur Blank. (BTW, Mr. Blank owns Home Depot…you may wish to tell Mr. Blank that Lowe’s is looking like a pretty good place to shop!)
His office is: 404-367-2100

Atlanta Falcons
4400 Falcon Parkway
Branch, GA30542
Phone Number:

Website Address:


Michael Vick is sponsored by the following companies: (Nike has suspended the release of Michael Vick’s new shoe)
Nike USA, Inc.
Consumer Services
P.O. Box 4027
Beaverton, OR97076-4027
you may wish to remind Nike of their promised commitment: “We’ve evolved how we frame, define and approach corporate responsibility”

www.rawlings.com (although his name is conspicuously missing from their pro roster now)
510 Maryville University Dr. Suite 110
St. Louis, MO63141

Al Verrecchia
President & Chief Executive Officer

Alan Hassenfeld
Chairman of the Board


1-847-646-4538 (media relations)
Renee Zahery, Senior Director, Corporate Affairs

Easton Sports, Inc.
7855 Haskell Avenue
Suite 200

Van Nuys, CA91406-1902
Telephone: 1 (800) 632-7866

4063 Glencoe Avenue, Unit B
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
Phone: (310) 578-7050
Fax : (310) 578-7077

The NFL broadcasts on all of the major television networks. Your concerns may be voiced to:
National Broadcasting Company, Inc.
Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY
Cast your vote: http://www.nbcsports.com/nfl/index.html


Dog fighting is illegal in all states. If you would like to learn more about dog fighting go to:

Dogfighting is a problem that affects our own community. Last night in a televised interview, Det. Mike Duffey of the animal abuse taskforce, stated that PimaCounty has more breeders of dogs bred for fighting than anyplace else in the United States.

Thank you for your concern.


5 thoughts on “M Vick poor example…

  1. Thanks for all the usefull information…I have been forwarding every bit of information that I can get to other animal lovers so that everyone knows how to take a stand on this The one good thing I can see coming out of this is that awareness about dog fighting will finally be brought out!
    Kelly Wood

  2. Say what you want about Vick, but the people I blame are the ones so overpaying these athletes and entertainment stars that they have the easy money to go run their own illegal empires. Vick had a 130 million dollar contract to move a ball around a field, plus endorsements. What on earth was he going to do with that kind of money? He showed poor judgement for a supposedly civilized human being and his sadism came through in incredibly money amplified ways. Blame the promoters, the advertising execs, the endorsing companys ceo’s and managing teams, even the fans willing to shell out so much good money to watch him throw and run. For my part I won’t go to those games, buy those products, or even talk their talk. First we make it so easy for him to do evil, then judge him when he does it. That is like parents giving teenagers credit cards without supervision and then acting surprised when the bills come due.

  3. No arguement from me Brian, but ya know what, I don’t care if it is some overpaid sporty type or the kid next door, or the homeless guy under the bridge.. it does’nt matter.
    He broke the law, he abused living creatures that were unable to stand up to him, and by being who he is he set himself up as an example to our kids, turns out it was a bad example, and for that alone he should be dropped and go to jail for a long time.

  4. The “ghetto” comment speaks volumes about the writer. I suppose the Appalachian Americans who participate in dog and cock fighting are “ghetto,” too.
    Participating in this type of behavior has nothing to do with where/how he was raised. Decent, normal people don’t get thrills from watching animals kill one another–and that goes for everyone, whether they’re from the suburbs, rural areas, the country, or an urban area. Don’t let your vitriol cloud your thinking and make you buy into certain stereotypes, simply because you dislike the man…

    1. Ah, but by his own admission, it was “the way he was brought up”, in his neighborhood ” it was rough, ppl did it all the time”, he “did’nt know any better”
      BTW I don’t dislike the man (I don’t know him) but i DO ABHORE his actions and believe that, ANYONE who can even contemplate what he did has NO PLACE in decent.
      Ghetto can apply to any creed or color, although I am sick an tired of certain members of society using the race card as a “get out of jail free/poor me card”

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