M Vick guilty !!!!

 he has reached an agreement with federal prosecutors regarding charges pending against him. Vick’s attorney, Billy Martin, said in a statement released shortly after 2 p.m.


 the full weight of the law should be brought to  bear upon him.

Not only should he  spend time in fedral prison but he should be banned from the NFL for life on morality grounds. Once sentenced he  will be a convicted criminal… do ppl really want an abusive, sicko, who kills an tortures animals for fun as an example  to thier children?

Now the public  is forced to  see that the cruelty of dog fighting is  alive and well, and  living in the USA.  Forced to fight  till death, hung, drowned, burned, shot or electrocuted if they fail to perform, once  an american hero… now ” just dogs” Maybe now  the media will STOP portraying these wonderful  dogs as the villians, and go  on the  same type of witch hunt for the dog fighters who make them what they are.


One thought on “M Vick guilty !!!!

  1. I am Canadian and my views that such things only happen in the US are, NOT. And that this happens all over the place. Punks raising dogs to fight each other. TO me it is the only explanation of the incredible increase in the Pit Bull breed over the last 20 years or so. SO I think it is being done in many more places than anyone would think. It would not surprise me that such blood/gambling sports take place in the Vancouver area with the very large Asian population here who have had those types of things traditionally. Cock fights etc. I probably should not make any nationality label on it because all races appear to have some sick bent on seeing animals tearing each other apart, and betting on the spectacle. Your point about the lack of morals on Vick’s part is only if his money talks and he walks. Money is the only thing that can determine if a person can be allowed to run around free and be totally without morals. He is a celebrity, he is also unrepentant. Maybe that will be the difference, his attitude of being unrepentant. It is not like he can apologise to all the families of the dogs he has tortured and murdered. We all can think that celebrities have some obligation to the public. But hey, I am Canadian and I watch Hockey, and if there was anything that would be the last thing on some of those guys minds, it would be, Gee i hope I don’t offend anyones sensitivity if I plow this guy into the boards and maybe break his neck.And when we see those guys mouths flapping as they go into a penalty box they are not saying What a Fine Mess I have got myself into. Lots more F words than that. Our fine upstanding paragons of virtue and morality that our kids should look up to, ripping off a string of f this and mother that on television.

    Placing sports figures on pedastels or thrones is a problem because these people are human and being human has the baggage of being totally unacceptable when our behaviour is offensive, sick, bereft morally, and we have the law to deal with such things. Except that of all the celebrities who have done really bad things in the last 20 years, how many have gone to jail? The American society does not imprison their sports heroes, their media stars, even for murder of another person in most cases. Phil Spector gets off?
    SO will Vick. It is a perfect solution though to feed him to the dogs. Too bad no Steven King stories really turn out to happen, sounds like something one of his stories would end with.

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