Sick and tired of the copyright crap

You will notice NO information or images are copyrighted on this  blog, there is a reason  for this.

This thing about copyright always bugs the hell out of me.
If it is an article the fact is that there are only so many discriptive words in the english language, and sooner or later, if your putting your stuff out on the internet your are going to run across someone who has the same writing style and uses the same words.
If it is an informative article that benefits ppl why not share it, and if your not making oodles of cash from it whats the big deal.

I recently ran into this copyright crap regarding 2 things.
My grandmother was a through and through dog person and was also into home remedies.
Most of you have heard of Blue powder ear treatment, well I have the original mix written in my grandmother recipe book, which was written 30 years ago, yet someone on the internet has added bits and pieces of info to that original recipe and is now claiming it as their own.

My grandmother also passed down a recipe for cat urine removal which contains hydrogen peroxide, washing up liquid, and baking powder, this recipe is also all over the internet with ppl claiming it as their own.

What is more a lot of ppl are selling these recipes for a lot of money because they actually work, so do I claim copyright, the recipe book is dated 1969, and the recipes are handwritten in it, I can prove they are the originals.

Ppl really need to get over this legal crap and start sharing to improve life for others.

  if anyone  wants a copy of these recipes email me you home snail mail address  and I will gladly send them to you for  free.


One thought on “Sick and tired of the copyright crap

  1. Hiya flip195!

    I’d really love to have a copy of each of these recipes, for ear infections and dealing with cat urine. I’d gladly email you my snail-mail address, but don’t have your email address. You could email it to me, rather than snail-mail if it’s easier. Thanks a million for making these old recipes available. My grandfather made up what I think may have been the same med for our rat terrier’s ear infections in the early 50’s. Wish he’d written it down for me! Thanks again for sharing,

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