Adventures with a diabetic Cat :)

Anyone  else  have a  diabetic cat???
So LS (AKA LITTLE SH&*), has to eat,  have her blood taken, and get her shot, This morning I needed to   do her blood as  I could not get any last night 
This morning (7.30) my roomie kept LS in her room so she would eat, now bare in mind my roomie is in the room with LS, big foot and buddy, so she puts the food out, LS is hiding under the bed (as per the norm) BF and Buddy are snoozing on the bed with my roomie who is now laying down on the bed in the hope that LS will come out and eat. By 9am she THINKS LS has eaten  so she comes down, LS would normally follow her but today NOOOOOO.  9.30 still no LS, so upstairs I go, LS is under my roomies king size bed… in the freakin middle….  no way can I reach her, and no matter how much I sweet talk her she is having none  of  it.
 So my last resort is crawl under the bed, now, I am by no stretch of the imagination a small woman, so crawling under a bed to wrangle a cat is no easy task. I get to my hands and knees, lay flat on the floor and slow and steady wriggle my way under the bed… just as i am about to lay hands on my target she shoots out through a 2 inch gap that i never even saw    i try  to get out  from under the bed. errrrrrr the bed is coming  with me…. I officially have a bed stuck to my back… I expel all the air from my lungs   and try again… nope I still have a bed stuck to my back…  I start moving my way around again like a hermit crab trying to discard it’s shell, at one point banging the bed into the wall, while doing this I spy LS sitting on top of the wardrobe… eyes wide mocking me with a “that’ll teach ya” look on her face , By this time I am considering a do it your self boob job, because those damn things are really getting   in the way, (if your a guy  you will have no understanding of how painful squished boobs  can be), my roomie, who  was  by now downstairs hears the commotion and comes to see “why I am KILLING her  poor cat”   after seeing  my dilemma,  when  she finally manages to stop laughing enough to   be able  to stand upright,  she lifts  the bed   so  I can get out.
at this  point LS  is still  on the wardrobe  top,  I am 5’3″  the wardrobe stands 8′ high, I get  the steps  and  get up top  to grab her,  my roomie  is still laughing, I get 2 fingers   on the darn  cat and  she takes a flying leap off the wardrobe into the arms  of  my roomie, where she starts to purr, thinking  all  is well  with the world.
Well puddy tat you don’t get away with it that easy….
 My roomie brings her downstairs   and sweet talks her, I take her from my roomie blood meter in lancet  in hand, and put her on the table,  by this  time LS is convinced  I am going to kill her, so  she is’nt exactly frozen  with fear.
 I put the strip in the meter, and aim the lancet   for the thin vein in the ear …… yup, you guessed it ……. she  moved …… I spiked my finger, and am happy to report MY BLOOD SUGAR IS 84, I gave her   her shot, stuck my finger under the tap, and I will try again later.


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