Annoyed at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Utah.

I read this article
having mulled it over I have to say I am furious at Best Friends.

Why in gods name would you import 300 animals from Beirut when in one day I could find you 3 times that many and then some, that are healthy, that are going die in a US shelters and pounds.

In one day I can find you at least 200 reservation dogs that need help, I know of at least 40 cats in NJ that have been dumped over the years that need help.

When the person caring for this colony asked for spay/neuter help and some support from BF she was told ” Sorry can’t help, we are over extended.” Yet when it comes to getting BF into the headlines, they can find $250,000 to IMPORT these animals, all while animals already here need help and are dying at a rate of 100’s per day.

Oh and then we have the backlash from the puppymillers and the byb’s, it gives them ammunition for their argument that there is NO OVER POPULATION of animals in the US, they are now saying “how can that be when one of the biggest rescues in the US has to import 300 animals?”

Don’t get me wrong BF, You want to help these animals… GREAT… so fund the efforts of the ppl already caring for them, WHERE THEY ARE, I will support you 100%

I can not and WILL NOT support the importation of these animals until the animals I personally know of get the help they need.

I can not and WILL NOT support this action, until the pounds and shelters in the US are empty.

This is rescue gone mad… publicity worthy verses actually getting priorities straight.



13 thoughts on “Annoyed at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Utah.

  1. OMG! What is with animal shelters in the USA? Have they gone mental? I just dropped off a stray kitten at the Maricopa Country Animal Shelter in Mesa, AZ and it was the worst experience I ever had. For the past 2 months, I did my best but it was not working out. The kitten did not want to come out of the carrier (scared as heck) and the guy grabbed a glove and a net and dumped the carrier, shaking it into the net until the kitten fell into the net. I wanted to vomit. I broke down and still am crying about the situation. Why in God’s name do they have such inhumane people work for the Humane Society. Rebecca

    1. It did not bother you enough to take your pet back home – after all, “it did not work out” You should be ashamed! Heaven help your children – they often :”do not work out.”

      1. Not sure what your talking about, but if this comment was directed at me. I have NEVER had an animal that “did not work out” when I commit to any animal it’s for a life time.

  2. Rebecca,
    I hope it wasn’t a kill shelter. If it was, the guy will just have to kill your kitten shortly – shelters are full to bursting with cats and kittens especially at this time of year. They have to kill most of them. The job itself either desensitizes people or sensitive people never apply for work like that – if they do – the strain of seeing so many animals dumped and then killed becomes too much and they leave.

  3. What flip195 may not be aware of is that since the establishment of Best Friends in the late 70’s, the men and women who sacrificed everything they had because they all had a dream of a place where all animals can live out their lives happy and well cared for, they have rescued thousands of animals here in the United States, placed them in loving homes, or given a forever home at the sanctuary if they were unadoptable. Pet overpopulation is a crisis of such a large scale that it is not something one sanctuary can solve. When Best Friends first began operation, they began receiving animals from not only Utah, but Nevada, California, New York, and so on until their efforts had to be focused on those in need who were less likely to be adopted; cats with feline leukemia, special needs animals, feral cats…none of these animals would have a chance in an animal shelter, where as the healthy, more attractive animals do. Best Friends gives them that chance, and they offer refuge for pets that face abandonment, such as the little ones in Beirut. Pet overpopulation is not a localized issue, it is a world wide crisis and Best Friends wants to reach out to animals in need regardless of what country they are from. And I do believe when Best Friends is addressed with a rescue effort such as the one being referred to, they go public with it and the people donating are aware that they are contributing towards this specific issue, and some people may open their wallets and give BECAUSE they feel for the animals in this specific story. And if it weren’t for media, might I add, people may not be aware that the sanctuary exists, therefore, making them unable to contribute towards any of the causes BF supports, including No More Homeless Pets in the United States, or anywhere. This is a wonderful thing that has been done, it raises awareness that pet overpopulation is an issue that needs to be addressed world wide. The 300 animals that have been saved aren’t just Beirut’s animals, they are ours as well. Best Friends was built on a dream of No More Homeless Pets, and every day they are laying the foundation for this dream to be built on. I know that the pointless killing of our nation’s companion animals invokes anger and sadness, but the urge to save and protect the critters should not create tension towards the men and women who want to help. They are on our team. Why not use the time that you feel necessary to spend griping about it to spread awareness about pet overpopulation? Instead of using your computer and keyboard to send out a negative message, why not use it to advertise discount spay and neuter clinics in your area? Why not take that passion you feel for our homeless animals and volunteer at your local shelter walking dogs, or fundraising for any animal shelter or sanctuary you deem worthy?

    1. I am fully aware of the history of Best Friends.
      When they started out they did a lot of wonderful work, and to a degree still do today.

      I am rather confused about part of your statement that BF is CONCENTRATING of feral cats. I know of at least 8 rescues that have asked BF for help with large, managed feral cat colonies. (1 colony of about 100 cats is under serious threat of being killed, and is cared for by a husband and wife team, out of their own pockets) Each request for help with spaying/neutering has been turned down flat.
      Yet at the exact same time these rescues asked for help and were told “sorry not funds” an incidence occurred which was widely publicized, regarding a small town, and the mayor of said town, that put a bounty on cats. AS SOON as it hit the media good ole BF stepped up and said we will TNR all your cats.
      So we have a situation where a managed feral colony is pleading for help, but there is no media involved (because of the need to protect the location of the cats in order for them not to be trapped and slaughtered) is refused for lack of funds.
      Then we have a town, of irresponsible people that have rescue agencies all over them for their ridiculous proposal of how to deal with feral cats. Fully covered by the media, thus has rescue agencies clamoring to solve the problem for them and be the heroes.
      Who does BF decide to help?
      The one that is in the headlines, of course.

      Meanwhile the husband an wife team are finding healthy ferals suddenly dead, shelters destroyed, food removed etc.

      WTG BF…. (NOT)

      In regard to the issue mentioned.

      Guess what, if BF had put word out it wanted to save 300 animals on death row in the USA, AND wanted to fund the rescues in Beirut the public would STILL have donated. Ah but wait a second, the 300 death row dogs, may not get as easily adopted as 300 headliners, from a foreign country. (Which, in itself, is a sad declaration on society today.)

      As to the “Time I spend Griping” while I am griping I am taking a break from making trying to place dogs in line for the visit to the euth room, grant writing, fund raising, organizing transports, organizing a Spay day, a vaccination clinic, a pet food soup kitchen, or caring for my feral colony, or my own pets.

      So please at least allow me my griping time, I think I have worked for it, I am just not well advertised 😉

  4. No organization is ever going to be perfect. However, after following Best Friends activities for a number of years, I think that their efforts to train personnel who establish similar sanctuaries all over the U.S.–even the world–is worthy of much praise and recognition. Ultimately, this expansion will save hundreds of thousands of animals, far more than 300 Beruit or domestic ones. To fulfill BF’s mission, this expansion is imperative. No one agency or shelter can do it all. Each animal IS special and unique, and it pains me greatly that any have to suffer at all. However, with animals as with humans, historically it has required the sacrifice of some in order to improve and better the whole. Any publicity is welcomed in order to begin shedding light into the darkness of ignorance–whether here or abroad. Forget about borders; the whole planet is in this battle together.

  5. I applaud BF and their efforts. From the article it appears that the animals from Lebanon have a better chance of not only survival in the US, but much better care and quality of life. How many reading this blog have seen the movie “Hotel for Dogs”? The people of BF have made this work of fiction a true reality for many animals – not just dogs. I look forward to hearing about more local rescue efforts in additional to overseas support.

  6. Fortunately, God made animals unaware of national identities, no prejudices, no fake religious leaders, no fanatical and misguided ideologies. They are simply beautiful creations that, unlike HUMANS, never try to make their own species extinct. I’m sorry, ma’am, that you project your own hatreds into the beasts of the earth over which we were not only given dominion, but were given stewardship. I’ll pray for you.

    1. This comment by Cowboy Dave would be highly amusing if it were not so sad.
      I am totally confused about “my hatreds” that are referred to.
      What would those be?
      My hatred towards the animals I have spent almost 40 years saving?
      My hatred towards my fellow man?

      You seem to have confused my annoyance at BF’s continual attempts to get media attention, and the waste of funds. (in this case)

      $350,000.00 saved 300 dogs.
      In the same week as this story was published approx 5,000 healthy dogs died in the same state as BF is located. $100,000.00 would have saved 3 times that number.

      So on the one hand Bf did something good by saving 300, the other side of the story is they could have saved 15000.

      While our shelters in the USA remain full, while healthy animals are killed every sigle day in their thousands in the USA it makes no sense to me to IMPORT (SAVE) 300 and watch 5000 , that could have been saved, and were equally deserving, Die.

      BF could have choosen to both save the 5000, AND help the 300, instead they choose to spend the donations wholely on the 300, a story of mercy that was sure to grab more headlines than going in and emptying every cage in a couple of the state pounds.

      Sorry but if your in the business of saving animals lives you don’t spend the donations your given saving a few when you could have saved many. That is insanity.

      So yeah feel free to pray for me, pray that the next time I or one of my other fellow rescuers approach BF for help to save some animals we are not given the standard refusal “sorry lack of funding prevents us from helping at this time” as has been the way EVERY SINGLE TIME WE HAVE ASKED FOR JUST A LITTLE HELP.

      Now I will go and continue to make winter shelters for the ferals cats I was unable to get altered or bring in, so they don’t freeze to death this winter, and when I feed them the meger rations I have available I will tell them I’m sorry but it’s the best I can do, because no-one else gives a damn whether they live or die.

  7. If you really want to know who the folks are at Best Friends, read here:

    And, read the article linked at the bottom.

    I’m sure they have helped a lot of animals but the one poster is correct, they are about publicity and bringing in dollars, millions. They have more money then they know what to do with and who knows what they do with all of it. They do not need any further donations.

    There is no reason to be spending donor money on bringing in animals from other countries. They probably spend enough money on each animal to feed 100 starving animals in another country or people. No, it was a strictly narcissistic act on their part. These folks have gained a lot of power over the years and this is one way they keep it and get more, like I said, it’s not about the animals or helping as many as they can. Whether they’ve helped a lot or not, their number one priority is self preservation and always will be.

  8. What institution on this planet is perfect? Think: What if none of these organizations–Best Friends, the ASPCA (which has been criticized)–didn’t exist? If you find a serious problem with an animal rescue group, participate, change it, start your own. L. Lorenzen, SLC, UT

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