Rescued from High Kill Shelter only to die in her own Yard

 As many of you will know, who follow this   blog I work closely with AARRFF in  Oregon.
While chatting to them this week I discovered one of their wonderful dogs was MURDERED in her own yard, only 2 months  after finding her forever home.
Help get justice for  Rita.
Please Crosspost everywhere we want the person who did this caught.

Help get justice for Rita…..

In the dark of night on Sunday, January 27, 2008, a coward sneaked up on a yard in Raymond, Washington, and shot a young dog named Rita to death. Rita had time to creep into the house before collapsing at her adoptive mom’s feet.

Rita was rescue dog, an Australian cattle dog/border collie mix. She had been in her “forever home” just two months but she was deeply loved and needed. Four rescue organizations in three states had combined to help Rita find her perfect home, and everyone who came in contact with her loved her. She was sweet, shy, and never harmed a soul.

Rita’s wanton slaughter is a mystery, a tragedy, and a truly evil crime.

But the many people who loved Rita are not going to let the anonymous criminal rest. With funding from caring volunteers, the Harbor Association of Volunteers for Animals (the organization that placed Rita) is setting up a reward fund for the arrest and conviction of Rita’s killer. We will aggressively seek to identify the perpetrator and hold him accountable. You can help restore balance, seek justice, and prevent this villain from committing more crimes against animals and those who love them.

Please contribute to justice for Rita. Make your donation payable to the Harbor Association of Volunteers for Animals (or HAVA) and mark it for “Rita’s Reward Fund.” All contributions so marked will be used solely for this purpose.

One generous friend of Rita’s has offered to match up to $250 in

Mail your donation to:

P.O. Box 243
Raymond, WA 98577

If the perpetrator is caught and convicted, all funds will be paid to
the person or people who provide the information that made it possible.
HAVA is a 501(c)(3) organization and your contributions may be tax
deductible. If no one is convicted before the statute of limitations for the crime expires, we will return your donation.

I don’t have permission to name all the individuals who helped Rita
during her short, sad life. But I would like to give special thanks to
the extraordinary people of the Pet Adoption League (Idaho), the Pet
Adoption Network (Oregon), and the Abused Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation Farm & Foundation (Oregon) — and of course to HAVA’s own incredible volunteers and to Rita’s beloved adopter.

Bless you all,
Claire Wolfe
HAVA volunteer and Rita’s foster mother


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