Why BSL does not work

City of Aurora Colorado :

Has had BSL in place  for  2 years the link below reports information that was released to the public by the media.


 What they failed to report is, once again the FULL facts.

In 2005 (the year before the ban), there were 137 dog bites in Aurora — 27 from “pit bull type dogs” and 110 from “all others”.  The ban went into affect in February 2006.  In 2006, there were also 137 dog bites, 8 from ‘pit bulls” and 129 from all other breeds. In 2007, there were 172 dog bites, 15 from ‘pit bulls’ and 157 from “all other” breeds.

So, since the ban, the city has seen a 26% increase in overall dog bites and a 43% increase in bites by all non-‘pit bull’ dogs. 

What may be even worse is that the city also ended a 3 year trend of declining dog bite numbers by enforcing the ban. 

So I ask, is the city better off because of their ban?!  Are people safer?  I’d say a 25% increase in dog bites over 2 years of the ban would be a NO!!!

Talk about the art of manipulation.

Fight BSL, it does not  work, and when the TRUE facts and figures are released, they PROVE BSL does not  work.


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