What is NILIF

Often times I will recommend NILIF training to new dog owners or folks with a pushy dog that is starting to show signs of dominance.

Dog whisperer methods are all very well, and work   just fine, but if  your dogs  is pushy these methods can be risky if your a novice. With these  methods timing  is everything.

Nilif is so much easier, put  simply, you make your dog work for every single thing it gets, whether your dog is 150lb mastiff or a 5lb Yorkie NILIF works, and your dog will become a relaxed, happy, adoring companion. 

Shy dogs become confident and happy, pushy dogs become relaxed and loving, easy going dogs remain content.

Nilif is not hard  to implement, it does not take a lot of time, and it fits into every lifestyle, and works exceptionally well along side other behavior modification training  for things such as fear or aggression.

How to  start:

Teach your dog sit, down, stay, no, and come, they are the basics  of  any training once your dog has learned these you can start work.

DEMAND your dogs attention, do not allow your dog to demand yours.

Your dog  comes up  and nudges you trying to get your attention IGNORE IT. Do not speak, do not push him away, just act like nothing  is happening. He may try harder  if this  as worked  on previous  occasions, but  just carry  on doing  what your  doing. Once  he figures  out this  is  not  working he  will give  up.

What you can expect is a burst of demanding behavior before you win the final round, sometimes you will hear a dog owner say,” fido was  so funny last night, I was busy  doing something and he wanted to play, he all but stood on his head to get my attention”  This is what will happen before it finally clicks that this behavior is not going to work any more.

Your dog may nudge you, jump up, bark, growl, whine, toss toys, chew on something get the zoomies  etc, in other words your dog is going to try to get your attention by any  method that has worked in the past. IGNORE IT.


This very power is    the source of why NILIF works.

Food, water, rides in the car, going in and out of doors, play, toys, treats, if your dog enjoys it YOU control it, and he must work to earn it.

As  an example  dinner time:  your dog wants dinner,  not a problem, he just has to sit, stay, until you tell  him  it is ok, it really is that simple.

another example : play time  your dog wants you to throw the ball,  your cool  with  that,  all  your dog has to do  is go into a down before you do it.

or: he wants  to go  for a walk, no problem, he just needs to sit  to have  his leash clipped on  and stay until you tell  him  he  can  go  out  of the door.

 Now your getting the  idea.
 For more detailed information about  NILIF visit http://k9deb.com/nilif.htm


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