Has Rescue become an industry for the bigger agencies?

When I look at some  of the “Well Known” animal agencies  and the figures they put out each year I find myself asking this question.

Some of the agencies that have recently been made famous by animal planet for instance

Houston SPCA          Pat Mercer (Pres)                   $167,500 Salary

Michigan Humane      Calvin Morgan (Exec Dir)    $128,618 Salary

NY. ASPCA               Edward J Sayres ( Pres)         $393,541 Salary

 The list  goes on and on.

These places Gross MILLIONS of dollars per  year, they have the money to advertise,  to build,  to get their faces  on the news etc.

Meanwhile thousands of small mom and pop  type rescues struggle  to make ends meet. Without these small rescues, the larger agencies  would  go under from the sheer volume of unwanted, abused, negelcted animals needing  help, yet not one of these agencies offer any help, like free vet care, spay/neuter etc to the smaller rescues. Nor do they offer any financial help.

The directors, presidents, and workers of these   small rescues   do not get paid, these  places  are  run by  volunteers, the bills  are met out of the pockets of these volunteers, they rarely get donations,  but they always get  the animals. Most don’t kill for  space, euths done properly and gently  at the vets office, full price is paid, and  are only done  in cases  of serious  illness and severe aggression.

So if you  want to make a donation to help animals please seriously consider who is more deserving,  an agencies that pays a huge salary to someone  or the small rescue that is struggling,  where no-one gets  paid.

Do you want your donation  to pay someones  salary, or  do  you want it to save a cat, dog, horse, goat, sheep, pig etc…. the  choice  is  yours.


One thought on “Has Rescue become an industry for the bigger agencies?

  1. Yeah, I’m pretty put out myself. I went into animal rescue to make a difference—What a joke!!!! The only difference is I’m totaled out, fully spent, believing now that there is no silver lining for those of humble beginnings, dogs or man. All we do is just use them up, waste them so to speak at the expense of those closer to God than ourselves and the animals of course too. Just the best of the best fair, and they always will. It’s the way of our world. It’s a terrible fact to face yet it gives those of us who try to the point of desparation at least a reason to completely give up for good!!!!!!!

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