More Problems with Nutro Foods

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2 thoughts on “More Problems with Nutro Foods

  1. Less than a week ago my healthy dog passed away from what emergency vet called ‘sudden death’. At this moment, confirmation of what caused death is not clear but vet may suspect dry food was bad and I am going to have tested.

    Hoping that I did not kill my dog by giving him what I thought was good food, I stopped in to Petsmart today to calm my nerves and be assured that the food in question is fine. What I found was the shelves that contained Nutro Natural Choice were almost bare.(That never has happened) At the aisle with Nutro area they had a Nutro rep stationed here. When I questioned him about why no food was here, he stated that no ‘recall’ is in effect and Nutro just happened to shut down a few plants who were producing what he termed as ,not as tasty food’ and the ‘quality’ was not up to par.Seeing that a dog can’t talk, I asked him how they would know it was not ‘tasty’ and it seemed far more plausible that a company whos main product is dog food would not shut down a plant and have no product unless some very extreme situations were coming to light. He stated that the food plant being shut and my dog dying were coincidence. Further more, the 800 number he gave me is not being answered now.

    I have a meeting with Petsmart tomorrow to discuss. I do not blame them right now for the death of my dog, but I stated to the manager I had a BIG issue with them allowing a Nutro rep to tell prospect clients some very vague, questionable, and misleading information, on the status of Nutro food. As noted, the 1-800 number just kept ringing. Additionally, I checked their wb and found NO information regarding any plants being shut down. To me, that would be very signifcant information to relay to all consumers especially if supposed steps were being taken in the best interest of the dog because the food was not as ‘tasty’.Also, letting consumers know info on lack of product and when to expect more would seem to be the obivous steps for anybody not hiding something.

    I am not sure what you can do but I am simply hoping you can point me in the right direction. This is not about money and simply about wanting to save even one person the heartbreak and guilt I am going through and holding those parties accountable. I will not let this be swept under the rug and hopefully will get confirmation i am looking for with testing of Pet food i still have.

    I appreciate any help you may be able to lend.

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