The destruction of a breed….

German Shepherd Dog (Alsation) 1910

As a child I was brought up  with  this breed, a wonderful gentle GSD called Greta. She was my babysitter most days as  I sat  and played. She is the first dog I ever  remember, she was my  shadow, my caretaker, my guardian, my protector, and my friend. I was 4 years old when she died at age 15.

From  my first memories of her upto today I  adored this breed, I knew what a healthy GSD  should be which  is  why my heart breaks when I see what breeders have done to my beloved GSD’s

Greta was a 60’s child, straight lines perfect stance, no hip worries   with   that girl. PERFECT

Today, in an effort to “IMPROVE”  the breed these  wonderful, beautiful, stunning  dogs have been altered until you can  barely recognise them for  what they are supposed to be.

It needs to  stop>

 Take a look  at  these  pics, from 1910 till today. I for one, can barely stand to see  a GSD walk around a show ring anymore.

 what a mess huh?



One thought on “The destruction of a breed….

  1. THANK YOU FLIP195 !!!!! I couldn’t agree more!! I too was brought up by a gorgeous german shepherd named Gretchen, my father brought her home as a 6 wk old pup when I was 6 months old and we grew up together, in the 60’s. She was my protector, my friend, my playmate and my sister, and when she died we were 12 years old, I was devastated. I had lost a sister, a family member. I hardly recognize these german shepherds anymore – they look deformed to me. I have never understood and never will why the severe dropping of the hind quarters? What could possibly be the advantage? And the “roaching” of the back as they call it – what are they trying to do, create a ‘ball’ out of a dog? All round with no strength? And the strange ‘bumps’ on the nose? Your pictures speak a thousand words, I only hope people are listening. So tell me, what was wrong with the breed that someone thought they needed to fix it by such drastic changes? Nothing !!!! And the fact that so many people who profess to be gsd lovers just go along with it or think nothing of it, again makes no sense to me. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. I remember the balance of the breed, gentle loving, family dog who could protect you if needed, but a social and friendly animal. Our girl once cornered a man in our backyard when I was about 7 and just held him there until my father came out and determined what to do. She simply growled, moved when he moved (obviously not much!) and waited for her master. Never were we worried about her hurting anyone, I was 5 when she had a litter of puppies, and we have a home movie of me pulling on her tongue (not hard -just to look at it ’cause it was hanging out), she didn’t blink. I picked up her pups and she just cleaned their behinds and licked them, not nervously just maternally. She wasn’t worried, we were all family. It just kills me that people actually buy a dog that looks like that, and how the breed has become so unpredictable and aggressive. We always knew that she had what she needed when it would be needed, but only when appropriate. After her my sister and I each got our own gsd, brother and sister, and the same thing. Very friendly and social, but would protect if it was ever necessary. As a matter of fact our neighbor’s home was being broken into onesummer evening and our dogs were barking like crazy, so I went to look and they knew these 2 men didn’t belong in our neighbor’s back yard and were going crazy. I told the men they better leave or I would let my dogs loose, and they split. We also had an alley behind our house and the fence was down for several weeks, but our dogs never went anywhere. We took them out the first day to show them , and then they just stayed in their yard ’cause they had each other and us and were happy, so why leave? This is what I understood gsds to be. Not some deformed, almost out of control weapon, trigger sensitive and to be feared. Only to be feared if you were doing something wrong. I know there are still wonderful gsds, a neighbor purchased one about 16 months ago and he is a love. He is 85 pounds and lean, not aggressive, just a big puppy, straight back, straight lines, beautiful, intelligent, wants nothing more than to play with his ball obssesively and be with his people. Loves children, when the teens are out front on the cul-de-sac playing ball or anything, he is in the middle of it. But I have seen him be aggressive only once, when I was walking a friend’s male lab who was a little aggressive towards him on leash, he then became aggressive back on leash, so he definitely has it in him if he ever feels he needs it. So there is still hope for the breed flip195. Just keep getting the pix and the word out and eventually people will see the folly of it. They will return to the stability of the former breed, and it’s calm strength and serenity. Thanks again.

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