WHAT is rescue…..

Today I was going through some old rescue  folders, I found something I once  wrote, way back, when I first started animal rescue.

Someone asked me….


This is what I told them, I feel the same  holds true today, maybe  even more so…

Do you care about
The future of our children?
The Environment?
Do you care when a sentient being is
In pain?
Have you ever looked into the eyes of another and seen nothing but, fear, desperation, and hopelessness?
Have you looked at a dead body and felt empathy for the one who has passed?
I HAVE, and it burns into my very soul.

All of the above are the very reasons I do animal rescue.

I want our future generations to grow up knowing the same love and companionship of an animal as I did.
I do not want to see a future with no trees, no grass.
I want a future with birds, wildlife.
When a living, feeling, emotional life form is suffering I want to help
I want to stop the pain.
I want to stop the bleeding and offer comfort.
I want to offer shelter from the winds, the snow, and the sun.
I want to calm the fears.
I want to fill the empty stomachs.
I want to ease the fears, quell the unending flow of desperation, and assure all that there really is no need to feel alone, without hope.
I want to be able to look at a dead body, and while still feeling great sorrow at the worlds loss; I want to be able to say, This is how our higher power meant this life to be lived, and how it was meant to end.

This is why I help animals. This is why I do rescue.


Rescue is not just about animals; it is about our future, our childrens future, and the future of the earth, as we know it.
But I can not  do it alone I need your help.
So ask me questions, I will answer as best I can, all I ask in return is that you approach me  with an open heart  and mind.


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