Animal Cruelty at it’s worst…… help this dog!

Today I am going to talk about something a little different, someone sent  me this and I have to say I am horrified, upset, and heart broken for this dog.

If you are an animal lover I ask that you join the fight to free this 15 year old dog LEGALLY.

Write to the papers, contact  the media, if you have the money and a place for her to go offer to buy her and her cage. Help Help Help.

google Dunkirk NY and complain to any media you can.

For update information  on this situation please join this Yahoo group


” We have done all we can to help this dog and are getting NOWHERE for 2 yrs the DDB rep in this area has tried to get this man to give him up. he WILL NOT!!! can anyone help by writing? calling attention to? anything….I am sick at heart he is now 15 yrs old(all this time has been in the cage)and showing signs of arthritis yet he goes on day and night here he is located In Dunkirk ny 14048 Chautauqua County NY. The newspaper here is called “the Observer” If anyone can google the area and possibly write or complain?? Animal Control will do nothing…I was only made aware of him the other day as I am not yet a rep for DDB but just applied, I cannot get him out of my mind. the city council was even contacted and all that was done was the “owner” was told to clean up the poop under the cage, anyone PLEASE???? he fancies himself with friends in high places….. 



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