Boeing to Kill 100’s of cats and maybe some wildlife….

Contact: Bill Dyer, 310-301-7730

Fate of Trapped Wildlife Unknown

Long Beach, CA…Boeing Company leadership officials in Long Beach announced Friday that a company with whom they have contracted will trap feral cats, possums and foxes and turn them over to the Long Beach Animal Shelter. Feral cats are not adoptable to the public and are killed after 72 hours, according to shelter policy. The disposition of the possums and the foxes is undetermined at this time.

Animal advocates have been meeting with Boeing officials since May to seek non-lethal alternatives to the 100-200 feral cats residing on the west side of Lakewood Blvd., an area of decommissioned buildings slated for redevelopment. On July 17th representatives of In Defense of Animals and Actors and Others for Animals presented Boeing with a proposal citing two possible locations on the east side of Lakewood Blvd. for cat sanctuaries once the animals were trapped, spayed and neutered. Boeing – whose sales forecast for this year is $51 billion – rejected the proposal Friday.

In March of 1999 Long Beach City College officials, Boeing’s neighbor, contacted Boeing regarding their mutual problem of feral cats and how to control them with a program of trap, alter and return. Alley Cat Allies in Washington DC also warned Boeing of their impending dilemma. Both of these offers of advice and help, made over 18 months ago, were never replied to by Boeing management.

“Boeing facilities in Seal Beach and in Mesa, Arizona have humane programs for the control and care of their feral cats. The killing of these innocent animals in Long Beach is unnecessary and unacceptable,” said Bill Dyer of IDA. “After decades of trying to control the feral cat population with a trap and kill approach it has been conclusively proven that the only permanent solution is one of trap/alter and return. I am astounded that Boeing, with its history of success built on innovation and creativity, would resort to such an archaic and cruel method to solve this problem,” said Joyce Pieper, feral cat consultant for Actors and Others for Animals.

In Defense of Animals, located in Mill Valley, CA., is a national animal protection organization dedicated to ending the abuse and exploitation of animals by protecting their rights, welfare and habitats. Actors and Others for Animals is a Southern California organization largely dedicated to the reduction of pet overpopulation.



One thought on “Boeing to Kill 100’s of cats and maybe some wildlife….

  1. Money, money, money thats all it ever comes down too. It is so short sighted of the company to realise that if you have spayed cats living in an area it vwill deter other cats coming into the same space.

    I really hope something can be done to save these innocent animals.

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