Keep the pups cool with a healthy treat…

 As everyone knows by now I love trying to find new ways to give  the pups a treat every now and then sooo here is my latest fun thing 🙂
1 cup of low fat PLAIN yogurt
1 Cup of 1% milk
2 cups frozen strawberrys
1 teaspoon of  vanilla essence
 put everything  in the  blender and  blend until smooth.
pour into paper cups and put in the freezer until solid.
 I recommend when you let the pups have them you do it  either outside  or somewhere where it is easy to clean up.

The good news is,
1. it’s only 90 calories
2. it makes enough for 4 cups, so it you want a smoothy help yourself .( you may want to add a packet of Splenda as the pup mix has a bit of a tang to it)


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