They GAS Animals….

A recent article published by  repost an explosion of a Gas Chamber in a NC shelter, 10 dogs were in the  chamber at the time.

Please read the following article, you will clearly see that there  are a serious conflict of interest by members of the Board of the North Carolina Animal Rabies Control Association who oversee the laws and use of Gas chambers in shelters.

One of the manufacturers of gas chambers in North Carolina is Dr. Ralph Houser, DVM

The very same Dr. Ralph Houser, DVM, a North Carolina resident and member of the state’s Board of the North Carolina Animal Rabies Control Association.

If you feel this barbaric process of killing animals sickens you as much as it does me, please make your feelings known.

Explosion in North Carolina Gas Chamber

– Will the State Finally Ban Them?

Animal gas chamberThere was an explosion yesterday inside the animal gas chamber at Iredell County Animal Services shelter.

The fire department was called to contain the resulting fire. 10 dogs were inside the gas chamber at the time. The gas chamber was at the end of its cycle when the explosion occurred.

It was reported by Tracy Jackson, assistant county manager, that no one inside the office even heard the explosion. American Veterinary Medical Association guidelines for use of animal gas chambers in its 2007 Euthanasia Report state gas chambers “must be well lit and have view ports that allow personnel direct observation of animals” that are inside. It is recommended personnel remain in the room when the animals are in the chamber. 

The AVMA report also states the gas chamber must not be overloaded and  “the CO chamber must be of the highest quality construction and should allow for separation of individual animals“.

The AVMA 2007 Euthanasia Report says that carbon monoxide gas used in animal gas chambers is “hazardous to personnel because of the risk of explosions …or health effects resulting from chronic exposure”.  The 2007 Report goes on to state, “The equipment used to deliver and maintain this high concentration must be in good working order and in compliance with state and federal regulations. Leaky or faulty equipment may lead to slow, distressful death and be hazardous to other animals and to personnel….Safeguards must be taken to prevent exposure of personnel. …Any electrical equipment exposed to CO (eg, lights and fans) must be explosion proof….[I]f the chamber is inside a room, CO monitors must be placed in the room to warn personnel of hazardous concentrations. It is essential that CO use be in compliance with state and federal occupational health and safety regulations“.

Iredell County’s gas chamber was new.

One of the manufacturers of gas chambers in North Carolina is Dr. Ralph Houser, DVM, a North Carolina resident and member of the state’s Board of the North Carolina Animal Rabies Control Association. Not surprisingly, Dr. Houser advocates against the use of lethal injection or EBI, the method of euthanasia “preferred” by AVMA. It is believed by many that he is single handledly responsible for the reluctance of the state’s Board of Agriculture to ban use of this cruel, medieval device. For more on Dr. Houser, click here to read Pet Overpopulation and Euthanasia in North Carolina

Officials at Iredell County Animal Services say they will use lethal injection to euthanize animals until the vendor determines the gas chamber is safe. 

When a Tennessee shelter worker died as a result of CO poisoning while he was euthanizing an animal, the state moved to make the use of the animal gas chamber illegal. Tenn. Code §  44-17-303 Sadly, more than one person in North Carolina may already have died from CO poisoning from animal gas chambers.  North Carolina Coalition for Humane Euthanasia reports that recent inspections show some gas chambers have leaked high levels of carbon monoxide and endangered county employees and three county employees operating gas chambers in North Carolina have died in recent years.    

Gas chamberThis horrific incident comes at a time when North Carolina officials are revising regulations for euthanasia. In November, 2007 the Board of Agriculture published a draft of proposed rules that contained a sunset provision for use of animal gas chambers. Under that provision all chambers would be banned by January 1, 2012. The Board, however, recently dropped that provision as well as restrictions on the use of the gas chamber for sick, injured and geriatric animals. It also eliminated requirements related to training and certification of euthanasia technicians. Click here for more on this. 


Write letters to the Office of Administrative Hearings, Rules Review Commission, 1307 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27605 and urge them to adopt a ban on animal gas chambers. 

Call Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler at 919-733-7125, and
Chamber of Commerce Pres Lew Ebert at 919-836-1407 and urge them to end the use of animal gas chambers in North Carolina. 

Email North Carolina Governor Mike Easley and urge him to request the introduction of legislation which would override the Commissioner of Agriculture’s removal of the board’s recommendation to end the killing of pets by carbon monoxide gas. Gov. Easley has refused to request this legislation, claiming “aggressive dogs are safer to kill by gas.”  But actually, it is safer to sedate the animals first and then use a lethal injection. Most shelters use injection to euthanize even aggressive dogs, including 67 of North Carolina’s  100 counties.  Send Gov. Easley this link.

You can also call or fax a letter to the Governor: 1-800-662-7952 if you live in North Carolina and (919) 733-4240 or (919) 733-5811 for out of state calls; Fax (919) 733-2120.

Click here to email North Carolina legislators and urge them to adopt legislation banning use of animal gas chambers.

Click here for names and contact information for all N.C. House members.

Click here for names and contact information for all N.C. Senators.

Contact Iredell County officials and urge them to use lethal injection and not go back to the animal gas chamber.

Joel R. Mashburn, County Manager;

Phone: (704) 878-3050
Fax: (704) 878-5355

Jean Moore, Clerk to the Board of commissioners;

Tracy Jackson, Assistant County Manager;

Click here for more on the cruelty and danger of animal gas chambers and a lawsuit pending against Union County, N.C. and its use of the gas chamber.


One thought on “They GAS Animals….

  1. “IN MEMORY OF THE IREDELL 10”, I urge everyone nationwide to boycott all of North Carolina vacation spots, all products grown in NC, all products made in North Carolina and if possible do not even drive through this arrogant, draconian, Jesse Hels mind-set state. All you will see there anyway is jacked up cars in the front yards and chained dogs all the way across this wretched piece of our country. On every highway there are cattle trucks going from farms to slaughter houses…trucks will chickens stuffed in crates, which usually lose a crate or two while flying down the road. Thank God this is Gov Mike Easly’s last term. Also, Ag Commissioner Steve Troxler is up for re-election in November, and I, and other animal lovers, urge you to vote for RON ANSLEY to take his place! Ron is favorable to our issues!
    Commissioner of Agriculture
    Democratic Candidate Republican Candidate

    Ronnie Ansley
    Wake Forest
    Please crosspost!
    All for the animals,Jack VanHook

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