I am not a pit bull person, never have been, never will be, however I am more than willing to open my mind to every aspect of animal care and animals.

Humanity has fought discrimination for centuries and not just the discrimination against the human species.  During the Salem witch trials, it was black cats, ravens, black dogs, monkeys have stood trial in a   court of law (Scopes Monkey Trial), so have dogs. It has been part of mankind’s evolution.

Many species have been driven to extinction because of man’s law, others today are threatened.  The symbol of the USA (The Bald Eagle) was almost driven down this path by ill thought out laws, the same can be said for wolves, and many other species.

The laws you make today could very well threaten so send the domesticated canine species down the same path in the future. Nonsense I hear you say! Well let me explain.
You ban pit bulls and pit bull type dogs, but where is the dividing line, boxers, labs, mastiffs, and mixes of this breed can all LOOK like pit bulls. Pugs, Staffies, Acd’s can all  be said to be a snub nosed breed. As there is NO SUCH breed as a pit bull, where is your line that says this dog is good this dog is bad?

 If you send these sub-species into extinction, what will be next… the rottweiler, the German shepherd dog, the Labrador, the golden, the mastiff, the boxer, the Doberman, the Malamute, the border collie, the dachshund, the poodle? You see all of these dogs have been involved in serious bite incidents.

I hate to say this, but banning a breed is a knee jerk reaction to bad press, It is like putting a band aid on a gaping wound. The problem is NOT the breed of dog; the problem is the TYPE of owner, and the lack of law enforcement. The laws are already in place to control problem dogs, but lack of enforcement allows for the problems we see today.

Once an American hero, the Nanny dog, held in high esteem, has become public enemy Number1, so some folks would have you believe, however if you look at the true facts, pit bull type dogs are still as loyal and faithful as they have ever been.  They serve as search and rescue dogs, Canine good citizens, therapy  dogs, drug sniffing dogs, police dogs, customs dogs and faithful pets and family members.

Bsl only serves to punish innocent law-abiding families, ripping away family members and killing them, the dog fighters and the irresponsible owners will just go underground, that in it’s self will create an even worse problem.  YES that is what Bsl does; it kills the innocent and makes victims of decent ppl, while allowing the criminals to carry on as before in dingy basements, and rural areas.

 If you want to solve the problem, introduce mandatory spay/neuter laws, anti-chaining laws, restricted confinement laws, special licenses for breeders, and most important ENFORCE those laws already in place.



  1. If we are really interested in eliminating dangerous dogs of any breed, we first need to understand the multitude of factors behind the problem. Part of it is because the problem is actually a socieo economic problem such as juvenile delinquents and irresponsible owners in general. Calvary (Canada) does not have BSL yet they don’t have dangerous dog problems in the same manner as the US.

    It has already been shown/proven that singling out breeds is not the answer, by canine experts. The Netherlands stopped banning pitbull type dogs after 25 years—because it did not have the desired effect. The killing of dogs simply due to breed is not only downight illogical, it’s simply irrational. As has been said before, when BSL is introduced, it usually means animal control is not doing its job.

  2. Exactly. If there were more laws that made sense as you mentioned, spay/neuter, license to breed, etc. a lot of these “problem dogs” would not exist. I believe as well that it is an education, or lack there of and socio economic issue. It’s just easier for them to ban certain breeds than to help the underlying problem; that problem being a lack of good public school system that teaches our youth empathy, and responsibility toward other living creatures.

  3. for those who use the argument “apbt, rotties, staffies are banned/ restricted elsewhere, so they must be dangerous, and we ought to ban them to”

    in geneva, the countries national symbol the ST BERNARD and other dogs WEIGHING OVER 25kg, is only allowed for walks when a permit is given, becuase of their “dangerousness”.

    Kory Nelson is the idiot who believes that all Pit Bulls should be shot if they are running loose. As assistant City Attorney for Denver, he was responsible for the reimposition of the city’s breed ban which has condemned more than 1,000 innocent dogs to death in the past two years. Funnioly enough he owns a german shepard, the first breed to be affected by bsl, During the mid 1920s the Graziers Federal Council of Australia and other parties claimed that the “ Alsatian Dog “ represented a threat, that the dog was vicious, it had wolf blood in its veins, it was a sheep killer and if crossed with the dingo it would be dangerous, and be a sheep killing machine. Despite professional advice which repudiated these claims, the Federal Government passed an import ban on the 24th July 1928 which was imposed on 2nd May 1929. This ban although initially for 5 years was not eased until 1972 and not repealed until 5th March 1974!

    In the disney classic “homeward bound” chance was played by 4 different AMERICAN BULLDOGS, now ONE of OVER 30 breeds banned in fairland, becuase of heir “dangerousness”..

    In north america alhtough bsl is different in different parts of the continent, around 75 breeds are banned/ restricted, (please note in america “pit bull” is a term used to describe a group of breed most noteably the apbt, the amstaff, and the staffie) , becuase of their “dangerousness”..

    athens, 7 weeks old, NOT allowed to go for a walk, EVEN on a LEASH and wearing a MUZZLE, becuase he “LOOKS ABIT LIKE” a ROTTWEILER X, in fall river massachusetts, becuase of their “dangerousness”.

    In northen ireland the greyhound breed and whippets plus crosses of these breed must wear a muzzel when out in public, and must be on a leash, and a person can only have two greyounds in public at a time (with the exception of the racetrack) and may only be excerside, becuase of their “dangerousness”.

    A child day care centre near me, has a strict policy against bringing GUARDING BREEDS in, becuase of their “dangerousness”., yet they have a dalmation as residance.

    in bejing a dog owner nervously takes his beloved dog for a walk, safe in the knolledge the city dog catchers have clocked off, as if they find the dog, they will seize and kill it, becuase it happends to be OVER 35cm tall, now what is this “devil dog” so tall and “dnagerous” it must be destroyed? maby pit bull? rottweiler? no its a GOLDEN RETREIVER

    in italy 92 breeds such as CORGIS and ST BERNARDS are banned/restricted, , becuase of their “dangerousness”.

    currently bsl affects around 100 different breeds around the world.

    here are JUST SOME of the breedsbanned/ restricted, becuase of their “dangerousness”.
    pembroke welsh corgi, cardigan welsh corgi, bergamasco shepard, bouvier des flandres, majorcan mastiff, neopolian mastiff, shar pei, fila brasileiro, dogue de bordeaux, rottweiler, berger picard, bearded collie, belgain malinois, majorcan shepard, border collie, smooth and rough collie, old english sheepdog, shetland sheepdog, dogo argentino, german shepard dog, catalan sheepdog, beauceron, komondor, kuvasz, alapaha blue blood bulldog, great dane, american staffordshire terrier, staffordshire bull terrier, doberman pinscher, rhodesian ridgeback, austrailian shepard, affenpinscher, saint bernard, great pyrenees, american pit bull terrier, boxer, irish wolfhound, scottish deerhound, akita, siberian husky, miniture schnauzer, miniture pinscher, schnauzer, black russian terrier, chow chow, dalmation, persa canario, cane corso italiano, wolfdog, bull mastiff, tosa, anatolian shepard, leonberger, american bulldog.

  4. But what about the pitbulls that really do attack dogs? Here’s some pics from a pitbull attack at a nice friendly park Chubbas been going there for years,… And no, the dog didn’t deserve it. Nor was this the 1st time we’ve seen a pit bull make another dog a victim.

    Horrible thing about it, the owner said it happened because he had his balls. I love pits, but there has to be something to prevent the psycho ones from reproducing. I think that something should be the owners that actually love pits and want them around forever. They should focus their energy on bettering the breed, not defending it.

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