Old dogs, and animal health.


Meet Roth, my 14 year old GSP.

At age 14 he loves life, food, ppl, car trips, toys, bones, snuggles, cats, the  list goes on. Inspite of breaking his hip at age 4, and having it pinned, he has no signs of arthritic joint problems. His blood panels are excellent, even  the lumps an bumps he has on his body are only fatty tissue, yet  2 weeks ago he almost died in my arms.

Roth suffers from Canine Laryngeal Paralysis  2 weeks ago he had his first major attack, he could not breathe, he was gasping for air, he was suffocating infront of me. I did the usual hosing him down  with cold water, the massage to try and get the larynx to open etc, nothing worked… finally he collapsed and stopped breathing, in desperation I held his mouth  closed and blew several sharp breaths into  is nose, ( let me say  at this point, kissing  him on the nose took on a whole new meaning & ewwwwww) but it worked, and he was back and on his  feet in about  2 minutes.

We loaded him up in the car and  took him to the vet, me still soaked from hosing him  down, and laying on the wet grass telling him not to dare die on me.  During his attack  he produced excessive amounts of saliva, most of which he swallowed, this had gone into his lungs, so he was starting with asperation pneumonia. A quick injection of Predilsone, antibiotics, oral pred for a week, and wait for another attack was the advice we  were sent  home  with. But  our boy was back and that was  what mattered.

There are sugeries one can do, vocal chord removal opens up another airway,  or tie back surgery, where they tie the flaps of the larynx back, our boy is a candidate for neither, he is one of those dogs that would surely die from complications. Not to mention either surgery  can cost  between $3000 and $4000 with NO guarentee on the outcome.

It’s a double edge sword… stand there and watch him suffocate, have the surgery done an hope that just maybe it will  work, or  euth, they are the choices most often offered, we started to look for alternatives, as conventional medicine was merely putting a bandaid on a gaping  wound.

We contacted an holistic vet, who put us intouch with Dr. Jeffery Lupowitz    a human “Network Chiropracter” who also works with animals. http://www.doctorjeffrey.com/    this is not your usual bone bending, neck snapping chiropracter, it is  more like a laying on of hands, very gentle and relaxed.

This man worked wonders with Roth on the very first visit,  for almost  a week you could see roth breathing better, more relaxed etc, today we had our second treatment, roth’s breathing was going off again, so Dr jeff came out and did his magic, today i was a conduit between  roth and the doc, and  i have to say  it left me  smiling, this stuff works, I experienced it for myself.

We all understand that this will not cure  Roth, but I can honestly say , that if he dies tomorrow, Dr Jeff gave him some relief from a condition that I can only imagine is very scary for an otherwise healthy dog that loves life and all it holds.


Thank you DR Jeffery Lupowitz.


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