It finally happend…



  Pre-ORDER NOW!!!

This book has 110  NEW recipes as followsCategories:
SPECIAL RECIPES(10)The price will be $12.99 plus shipping .

Rescues wanting copies for a fund raiser can buy them at at a Great discount.

Every order of 10 copies or  more get one free Book.
The book will go out 7TH December  ANYONE who Pre orders a copy before November 10th The book will cost $8.99 plus shipping, no payment to be made until NOV 10th. everyone who pre- orders will be notified when to make payment.

These will make great xmas presents for pet lovers.
If ordering  for a rescue please
state the  name of the rescue so you can get the discount.

a reminder for payment will be sent out in due course.

Please spread the word, a % of all profits will
go to rescue.

It seems like every other day we hear about another recall on pet food and treats. We try to
do the best by our pets, often times paying an arm and a leg for what we are told are GOOD foods.

This is why I compiled this book.
The fact is many manufactured animal feed and treats are full of fillers that cause allergies or even artificail coloring that can be traced back to causing cancers. (
Sugars in foods cause problems for diabetic animals, grains cause allergies and are of little nutritional benefit by they time they are processed. Grains are merely FILLERS, meaning they give the feeling of
being full, they are used in the manufacturing process in order to produce a barely adequate food, as cheap as possible.
I feel bad  for  folks struggling to feed their pets  due to the present crisis   so I have compiled  a selection of  homemade  meals and treats.  My dogs and cats have tested most of the treats and meals 
mentioned. The horse and small critter recipes are items I have made over the years for my own animals.

 There is no better way to pamper your pet than by making homemade goodies! 



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