1958 to 2008 animal treatment and behavior…

A friend and I were talking dogs last night, (nothing strange there lol) we have both just turned 50, both brought up with dogs, and both brought up with a breed that had a bad reputation in that time. (GSD’s)

We got to talking about so called “Devil Dog Breeds” (Rotts, Dobermans, Pibbles etc)
During the conversation we discussed how ppl’s attitudes have changed towards the treatment of dogs.

In our day, (oh my god I sound old) dogs were hardly ever crated, they mingled when ppl came over, never were put in another room, or outside, they were fed table scraps, raw bones, cheap canned food and offal meats on a regular basis, they were family members, they welcomed ppl into our homes and we never had to fear there reaction to visitors, adult, child or infant. They were trained to do as they were told, they had their place, and they knew it. Other than puppy shots and first booster they were never vaccinated, they never had dentals (didn’t need them) They never saw a vet unless they were really ill, and I’m not talking if they threw up a couple of times and had the runs. Home remedies were used more often than not to fix minor problems. We could totally trust them off leash or on. If they showed any aggression to another animal a simple “hey” stopped them in their tracks. They were never medicated with “something to take the edge off”

They NEVER showed aggression to anyone or anything unless they were told, by us to do so.

They all lived to be well into their teens.

Today I have followed the example I was shown all those years ago, I strayed from the path for a while, and then came back to it.  My current dogs are WELL into their teens, they are well adjusted, and they can be trusted totally with ppl and animals. They have NO issues other than age catching up to them.

So, what has happened to today’s dogs, why are ppl constantly in fear of dogs attacking others, what has caused the breakdown of trust between man and his best friend?

Maybe, just maybe, as society has changed for the worse our treatment of animals has changed for the worse also. As we add more chemicals to our own food under the guise of improvement (which is causing us humans problems) we are doing the same to our animal companions.

I stand by the statement I made a long time ago “ Show me a “BAD DOG” and I will show you a “BAD OWNER”


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