So much going on…

Where to start.
Well I guess with the Great news, then onto the good news, then onto the everyday kinda stuff.
MEET SAM p1000280













Sam came from Grayson Humane society just over 1 week ago.
He has gone from scared puppy to almost normal puppy. He is still edgy about a few things, but for the most part is doing very well.
This is Sam (Thunder) at the shelter

As you can see he was a scared lil guy.

this is Sam yesterday making doggy snow angels

As you can see our new boy is getting  much better.

The other good news is the All 4_4 paws recipe book “TREAT THEM RIGHT”  is  available as of  01/05/09,  you can reach me through my BONANZLE store to get your copy  in addition, Starting after Christmas I will be selling  home made treats in the store.

The other news is we have had the workmen in…  we have a new roof, a new patio door, a new sink, and I  am working on enstalling a new counter top.    Yes  I  can   do  it lol.

I will also be adding some new recipes over the  coming  days.


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