The cruelty of man should not go unpunished…..

Video now added.

This week I read the sad tale of a little Golden Cocker who was chrisend William by the the rescue that tried to help him.

This is what was sent to me…

“Hi thought you may find this of interest, these ppl need to be stopped, the whole thing is sickening.

A call this morning to a rescue from someone who rescued a little blonde cocker spaniel boy from a known dog fighter. The dog had been found dragging himself down this mans driveway. He has a  fractured leg . He was covered in bite wounds and his muzzle was tied shut.
He was rushed to the vet. Vet estimates he is 2-3 years old, intact male.  He was shocky but licked the vets hands when he was examining him.
For the full story please follow this link…..   “

Be prepared to see some horrific pictures (if you follow the links), to cry a lot, and to go blind with a red hot rage that I can not even  begin to explain.

Thank god for the volunteers of Whipstaff Ranch and Rescue.

Give them your support, god knows they need it, they are fighting an uphill battle.


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