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2372030140This is a recipe I feed both my dogs and cats.
Similar recipes can be found in my “Treat Them Right” recipe book at


2lb Chicken hearts & Giblets or Beef heart and Kidney # (ORGAN MEAT)

1lb Chicken/Beef/Turkey or any other meat # (MUSCLE MEAT)

1lb Mixed Chopped Veggies (in this case Peas, Carrots, Green Beans)

1 packet of Knox Original Gelatin.

1 cup of cooked Rice (white or Brown)

1 Cup of meat stock

1 Egg

*3Tablespoons of Missing Link* (Cat or Dog Blend Depending on what animal your cooking for) *

1 Tablespoon of Human Grade Bone Meal*

*2 Tablespoons of Omega 3 oil.*


Boil Veggies for 10 mins, drain and cool.

Boil Organ meats for 20 mins drain and cool

Boil Muscle meat for 20 mins, drain and cool. Save the meat stock, you will use this later.

Once cool, use a blender to grind the meats into a course mix.

Turn mix out into a large bowl, add the cooled veggies and rice, and mix by hand.

Beat one egg and add to the mix stirring in well. Place mix in microwave and cook on high for 3 mins.

Remove mix from microwave and break apart with a fork. Add the omega3 oil, Missing link, and bone meal at this point. Stir in with a fork until mixed thoroughly.

Take one cup of the meat stock (saved from the boiling of the muscle meat) and add the pkt of gelatin, stirring well and heat to boiling stirring consistently. Remove from the heat and slowly pour into the meat mix. Mix in well.

Take a 9-inch loaf tin, pour in the mix, and be sure to press down each layer to bind it. (You can also use Clingfilm to make it into rolls, or make smaller individual servings in smaller receptacles or Ziploc Baggies)

Place this into the fridge to set.

Once set (about 3 hours) remove and slice into servings.

Freeze each serving until needed.

This can either be a complete meal for your pet, or you can use it to supplement dry food.

Bare in mind a NORMAL ACTIVE DOG needs about 3% of it’s total NORMAL body weight per day in food. (Some need More some less)

You may copy this recipe for personal use only.
The recipe may NOT be sold or reproduced without express written permission. © GH. 2009


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