We are a Race apart.
We have a voice, but we do not speak your language so no-one hears our pleas.
We are tortured for the enjoyment of others.
We are are beaten.
We are starved.
……We are chained.
We are forced to defend our lives against each other, then we are killed by you because, under duress, we did what you demanded .
We are even killed for how we look, not for what we do.
We are judged guilty simply for “being”
We are jailed and sentenced to death, yet we have done no wrong.
We love with the purest love of all.
We take pleasure in every flower and blade of grass.
We ask only for food and shelter
We ask only for a kind word or a gentle touch
We hold the innocence of a newborn.
We will defend you with our own lives.
We are the loyalist of the loyal.