AFTER THE DEATHS AND ILLNESS OF MANY  PETS AND MANY COMPLAINTS NUTRO HAS FINALLY ISSUED A RECALL. Of course they are blaming someone else, and I am sure they will say this is a new issue. Here is a copy of the letter sent out. Dear ……… Out of an abundance of caution, on May […]

FDA Issuse statement regarding NUTRO FOOD

Some time ago I directed  readers of the blog to check out complaints surfacing regarding Nutro Pet Food.   Follow these links  for more information:-

City releases strays into National Forest land

Of all the stupid, selfish, cruel, abusive, irresponsible actions taken  by cities across America, this one takes the cake. In 12 months time when these animals are starving and form packs, then bring down an innocent hiker, who wants to bet they will call them all pitbulls, and write legislation to ban the breed. I […]

Plea for urgent donations

Could YOU have turned your back on these furry angels and NOT provided them with medical care??? Sister Bertrille – Treated for mange and was rescued Jillie Mack – Treated for multiple health issues and was rescued Dice – Was undergoing surgery by a special eye surgeon in Louisville, but died as they were trying […]

Animal Cruelty at it’s worst…… help this dog!

Today I am going to talk about something a little different, someone sent  me this and I have to say I am horrified, upset, and heart broken for this dog. If you are an animal lover I ask that you join the fight to free this 15 year old dog LEGALLY. Write to the papers, […]

Has Rescue become an industry for the bigger agencies?

When I look at some  of the “Well Known” animal agencies  and the figures they put out each year I find myself asking this question. Some of the agencies that have recently been made famous by animal planet for instance Houston SPCA          Pat Mercer (Pres)                   $167,500 Salary Michigan Humane      Calvin Morgan (Exec Dir)    $128,618 […]

Sick and tired of the copyright crap

You will notice NO information or images are copyrighted on this  blog, there is a reason  for this. This thing about copyright always bugs the hell out of me. If it is an article the fact is that there are only so many discriptive words in the english language, and sooner or later, if your […]