Excess Zinc found in Nutro 9 MONTHS ago

9 months ago PFPSA found high levels of ZINC in Nutro pet food.   (THAT IS 9 MONTHS AGO PPL) Read the article here http://www.pfpsa.org/news.html This begs the question, WHY  are they, only now, recalling these products. If you have lost a pet due to Nutro and are considering a lawsuit you will want to read this […]

More about pet food.

Something we all understand,  hopefully, is that ANY form of cooking reduces nutritional value of foods. The longer you cook something the less nutrition is left. So with that in mind, when I cook for my pets  the meats and veggies I use are just about  cooked. When i cook chicken  i put it in […]

Response From A Pet Food Maker.

This response came via comments, not a reply to the email I sent  them, or the phone call made to the customer service, therefore I feel that rather than just leave it floating out there in the comments section I will give it a page all to itself. This is a direct copy paste  from […]

CeleB dog foods and fillers

It would seem some of our animal loving celebs are jumping  on the pet food bandwagon. Having read what they are putting their names to I have to ask if they REALLY have any clue what they are talking about. Lets just clarify what fillers are in animal feed. Fillers and grains used in lower-quality […]

Annoyed at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Utah.

I read this article http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14997834/ having mulled it over I have to say I am furious at Best Friends. Why in gods name would you import 300 animals from Beirut when in one day I could find you 3 times that many and then some, that are healthy, that are going die in a US […]