Excess Zinc found in Nutro 9 MONTHS ago

9 months ago PFPSA found high levels of ZINC in Nutro pet food.   (THAT IS 9 MONTHS AGO PPL) Read the article here http://www.pfpsa.org/news.html This begs the question, WHY  are they, only now, recalling these products. If you have lost a pet due to Nutro and are considering a lawsuit you will want to read this […]

So much going on…

Where to start. Well I guess with the Great news, then onto the good news, then onto the everyday kinda stuff. Great news.. WE HAVE A NEW TASTE TESTER 🙂 MEET SAM                         Sam came from Grayson Humane society just over 1 week ago. […]


   I am not a pit bull person, never have been, never will be, however I am more than willing to open my mind to every aspect of animal care and animals. Humanity has fought discrimination for centuries and not just the discrimination against the human species.  During the Salem witch trials, it was black […]

Why BSL does not work

City of Aurora Colorado : Has had BSL in place  for  2 years the link below reports information that was released to the public by the media.  http://www.aurorasentinel.com/main.asp?SectionID=8&SubSectionID=8&ArticleID=18228  What they failed to report is, once again the FULL facts. In 2005 (the year before the ban), there were 137 dog bites in Aurora — 27 from […]