The cruelty of man should not go unpunished…..

Video now added. This week I read the sad tale of a little Golden Cocker who was chrisend William by the the rescue that tried to help him. This is what was sent to me… “Hi thought you may find this of interest, these ppl need to be stopped, the whole thing is sickening. A call […]

Why BSL does not work

City of Aurora Colorado : Has had BSL in place  for  2 years the link below reports information that was released to the public by the media.  What they failed to report is, once again the FULL facts. In 2005 (the year before the ban), there were 137 dog bites in Aurora — 27 from […]

Annoyed at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Utah.

I read this article having mulled it over I have to say I am furious at Best Friends. Why in gods name would you import 300 animals from Beirut when in one day I could find you 3 times that many and then some, that are healthy, that are going die in a US […]