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The (NOT SO) Great British Justice System

The United Kingdom has always been renowned as a world leader in the task of metering out fair justice to innocent and guilty alike. However in 1991 something changed. 
An act was passed by Government that should have had the British Legal Eagle’s screaming in horror at the injustice. This did not happen, the voices raised were few and weak, thus the Great British Justice System has been turned on it’s head.
What happened?
In 1991 an act was introduced that left anyone (be it a Doctor, a Lawyer, or a career criminal) with No defense, with No benefit of doubt, it turned life long, law abiding citizens into criminals.
If charged under this act a person is presumed guilty until proven innocent. However, because there was no way (scientific or otherwise) to prove innocence, ALL charged under this act face being tarred with a criminal record, facing fines, imprisonment or both. 
20 Years later it has been shown that it comes down to pot luck when your case goes to court. You may or may not become a convicted criminal, depending on which judges you get on the day, how educated they are in the matter they are dealing with, and where the judge’s personal bias lays. 
What has resulted because of this law?
· Over 3000 innocent lives have been taken.
· Many hundreds of people, of previous good character, who have NEVER intentionally broken the law, are now convicted criminals.
· Millions of pounds of tax payers’ money have been squandered away.
· Families have been left heartbroken and torn apart.
· Children have been left traumatized.
What was this Act?
The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 can be read at 
some changes have since been made, but the act has remained more or less in the original state.
A guide to enforcers can be read at
Plain English Guide can be read at
Or here

What does the Dangerous Dogs Act mean to ALL dog owners?
ANY dog can be seized in a public place (including you’re car) if PC Plod thinks it MAY be out of control.
ANY dog can be seized in a public place (including your car) if PC Plod thinks it may be a banned breed.
4 Breeds of dog banned in the UK are:
(a) A Pit Bull Terrier (type)
(b) A Japanese tosa
(c) Dogo Argentino
(d) Fila Brasileiro
ANY dog can be seized from your home (by force if necessary) if PC Plod thinks it may be a banned breed. (But only if they have a warrant issued by the courts or are there on other business)
What to do if your dog is seized:
· DO NOT sign or agree to anything.
· For Help Contact
Telephone helplines are available 7 days a week from 10am-10pm.
Helplines: 0844 844 2990 or 0844 844 0802
If your matter is urgent and outside of the times listed above you may try 07941020754.
DDAWatch is a Not for profit company, registration number 7393352

It is worth remembering that the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 was introduced as a knee jerk reaction to media hype regarding a few dog bite incidences which occurred in a short space of time. It was hastily written, poorly worded, and pushed through parliament with little thought of the consequences.
It has been the law in the UK for over 20 years, yet dog bites have not reduced. As there are no scientific or practical ways to positively identify a Pit Bull type dog, it is time this unjust law was addressed and overturned. A law that provides for no defense is an unjust law and a government that enforces that law is a tyranny.

Some Of The Dogs Affected By The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 are…
William – Picked up as a stray. Deemed borderline “type”. Killed by Harrow Council.
Venus – Well behaved, responsibly owned family pet. 9 months old. Seized. Currently on death row awaiting appeal.
Steven – Well behaved responsibly owned family pet. Seized, owner prosecuted, returned home exempted.
Lennox – Well behaved responsibly owned family pet. Seized in MAY 2010, held on death row awaiting appeal (Northern Ireland)
Fudge – Well behaved responsibly owned family pet. A 5 month old puppy. Seized and Killed by police.
PLUS OVER 3000 others that have also been killed.
If ever there was a time to speak out against the ineffective dangerous dogs act it is NOW. Allowing this travesty of justice to continue could mean YOU’RE DOG IS NEXT.

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